Expressing ouselves fully

Here  you’ll find a mind multifaceted, reflecting darkness and light. As my thoughts enter you, you will have impressions which will cause emotions. It’s with these emotions that I’ll communicate with you in waves. No emotion is right or wrong; not here. There is only the transfer of thoughts, I the transmitter, you the receiver.

We are being watched by governments and corporations. All of them work to mold our minds towards compliant productivity. As we become more compliant and more productive, our souls die. It is time to save ourselves by engaging in impractical acts of self-expression.

Nerdblog is an impractical act of self-expression. You won’t learn to make money here; there are no tips on the latest fashions. The objective is that you simply look at what is in front of you like a painting at a museum.

Art has become intimidating, stuffy and academic. It’s time to shake things up and have some fun. Maybe you feel this blog doesn’t go far enough in which case I  encourage you to  do your part to lend color to an increasingly dull world.

Being overly pragmatic stops people from creating simply for the sake of creation. The question that is always at the back of our minds and in our hearts is “What’s in it for me?”

In truth, there is nothing to be gained from existing in the world, but if we must exist let us exist fully, not in part, sharing our full range of thoughts and feelings.