I won’t smile

A neon sign, spelling out the words "say cheese" because it's an appropriate way to tell people to put on a fake smile.
Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash
I will not smile for smiling's sake
if there's nothing to smile about,
I do not care if in my wake
are lots of people walking out,
I will not smile to ease your pain,
your pain should be by you addressed,

If I'm sad I tend to cry
and I sweat when I am stressed,

I take to me reality,
not woo that I will manifest,
I do not scratch where there's no itch,
I do not laugh at corniness,
I don't look at the posts online
and agree because it's a trend
and find agreements echo most
among the fakes that some call friends,

I might laugh at your disrespect,
but not because you told a joke,
but that you have a clown effect
and so my humor's been provoked,

I'd rather hear a good sad song
than empty, bubbly, chorus lines,
but every creature is born free
so, if you're stupid, I'll be fine,

I alienate by saying my truth,
a truth that's not in you instilled
so I lay dusty on the shelf
an effective but bitter pill,

have a gummy sugar coated,
wake up feeling pained and bloated,
cure it all with ancient chants,
not so quiet, be full throated,
buy rose quartz and amethyst
and wonder why your health's eroded,
keep playing at spiritist
clutch the charm that you have kissed,
with the saints we do not play,
mocking spirits do exist,
talk to them if you insist,

but far away from me.

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