Bless you, eternal anime

A dog in a clown collar, a nod to the mover
Photo by Kevin Jarrett on Unsplash
Bless you, eternal anime, episodes plentiful,
full of leveling-up until
opponents fall through the special move.

I, mover, large-eyed, bearing teeth,
spring to unleash the dogs
that are my sword
so the yelping can be carried
by the scruff of the neck.

I, mover, am not stilled
by defeats accumulated
through my quest,
though questioned  
by the defeated, fearing
large red shoes and frill.

Bless you, eternal anime,
I, mover, am large-eyed,
unleashing dogs that are my sword,
a special move.
I wear red shoes and frill,
a fool to the defeated,
carrying my enemies by the scruff
of their necks to leave at your feet.


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