Constancy of thought

Locks on a gate, symbolizing a strong love
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
1. When friends and lovers walk with you
to run when battles come,
when bridges only hold you up
when you're a scrawny one,
Why bother? It's better 
to walk the earth alone,
Best get on a raft and
wish all the weak begone.

2. If you should get a confidant,
that blabs when you fall out,
If you put money in the bank,
but can't take money out,
you better be quiet
around the chatterbox,
Invest in a safe and
purchase a couple locks.

3. More prized than wealth and jewelry is
some constancy of thought,
not like fresh meat exposed to heat
that in a second rots,
but more like good seeds dug
into the fertile ground,
that with years an orchard
can in that place be found.

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