Anyone can strike back

Man pulls back rubber band held by outstretched hands
Photo by Amirr Zolfaqari on Unsplash

Sometimes you're around people quick to yell
as though you were their child (of course, you're not),
They see your brow and still they cannot tell
how you capable of yelling you have got,
they punch, not thinking you can take a swing,
when bruised, they are confused, as though it were
your place to take the knocks from a born king
and not a consequence for them's deserved,
the frail can under duress  strike a blow,
the lame can swing a cane and bust a lip,
a coward only needs a chance to show
the moment's his though he is not equipped,
but barrel-chested fools on earth abound
for lanky men to bury in the ground.

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