The adequate, the pure AKA Let me be me

Snowy mountains, with bare parts peeking through
Photo by Norris Niman on Unsplash
I'm known to be the cocky type
and I concede that, sure,
but, being me, I'm certainly
the adequate, the pure.

Some argue I'm the prickly type,
some say I'm immature,
despite what other people say,
I'm adequate, I'm pure.

It's not to do with past mistakes,
for who's committed none?
Nor that I'm skilled (for every beast
there is a bigger one),
but who's to say which person's core
is formed from the divine?
I've yet to find the living saint
who is so qualified,
The pundits and the pastors preach
to purge me of my sin,
the drug stores try to sell me bleach
to lighten up my skin,
my casual speech is corrected
by folks illiterate,
and every woman, man, and enby
tries to change my fate.

Famous or obscure,
I'm adequate. I'm pure.
middling, rich, or poor,
I'm adequate, I'm pure,
Lively or demure,
I'm adequate, I'm pure,
In Rome or in Darfur

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