So I set your spaceship on fire because you had the nerve to abduct me during the pandemic

Big-headed, green alien with large black eye and grim bearing in a car.
There are probably a number of approaches, applied in different combinations,
first in steel and iron, then in gold and silver, later in satins,
dotting them on the canvas, straightening your afro with your free hand,
thinking how things might be terrifying on a spaceship, but also a little liberating,
the possibility of boredom vanishes instantly. You hope the aliens are stupid
enough to give you the wheel so you can test the limitations of their FTL tech.
Who is this strange human
and why does their leisurewear look so comfortable? 

"It can't be helped", you yell out, laughing, slippers swishing, running
from the four foot minions. 

Sometimes, when you look up at a shooting star, think, for a second
that it could be you setting someone's spaceship on fire,
bringing humanity to the cosmos.
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