2020 Year in review

I’m here to tell you that this was an awful year. I hope that your version of awful was, in a way, less awful than mine– but we’re here, whenever here is. Let’s try to enjoy this moment which is likely to be filled with booze. My particular booze, at the moment, is red wine. I don’t really go out much, these days, with the plague and all. I tend to be surrounded by a couple of glowing laptops with a big screen TV behind it. Whatever the matrix is, I’m sure I’m plugged into it. Be informed of what’s coming. The world is in danger.

The coronavirus killed hundreds of thousands. Some of us have experienced it to a greater extent than others, but most of us have, in one way, experienced it. Some of you are learning what it’s like to work from home and love it while others hate it. Some of you still have to work outside and deal with nasty people who cough all over everything. Whatever your situation, I wish you a speedy recovery from the hellscape that was 2020.

It’s my hope that as people we can learn to be a little kinder towards one another, that whatever philosophy we adopt enable us and encourage us to act compassionately towards one another. Maybe buy your friend a pair of sneakers. Maybe hold a door for someone. Mentor someone. In some way try to balance-out the negative with the positive.

I tend to like religious people, having once been religious– but I’ve never liked the idea that we have to wait until the day of judgement to make things right. “So what if the only world we have goes to hell if God is going to set everything right?”, you say, and I’m disappointed you’re such poor stewards of the world the greater power has given to you. If justice has a sword, look where the sword has gotten us. We’re a mess and it’s because we don’t know how to cooperate.

Even now, after thousands of years of nations and ethnicities fighting one another, we haven’t advanced past the need to use violent means for resources rather than learning to collaborate to ensure there are enough resources for everyone. If aliens ever visited us, we’d be ashamed of the state we’re in. Half the planet’s on fire. Not all of us are clothed and fed and have basic needs met. How pathetic. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize of 2020 being a futuristic year, but we’re sloppy as the human race, not at all worth a damn as a whole.

On a micro-level you find one or two compassionate people in life. Some people say that most people are actually good people. Well, if that’s the case, how do you explain the fact we’re on the edge of destroying ourselves? It’s time to look at ourselves clearly and realize that violence is counterproductive. We must support scientists and we must also advance in technology. We must take to the stars and we must build robots. We can’t continue to be held back by backward thinking.

Let’s finally be serious and ambitious with our advancements, discarding the belief that competition in the pursuit of individual greatness trumps the greatness of humanity as a whole. We’re full of ourselves because we haven’t been confronted by a greater intelligence. We haven’t pushed ourselves to become better overall because of our infighting in spite of the world being more connected than ever.

I write to you now who are thousands of miles away, saying, “I come in peace.”

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