My love

My love is a minimally invasive procedure.

Ugly people, why they continue to exist, what must be done about them

It has come to my attention that some of you are okay with this. I write to tell you that I am not. Who do you think you are to inflict this kind of a monster upon me as I try to go about my existence unmolested? Have it go to where the ugly people go. Make it live under me like a morlock. Let it only emerge from its hole when it conveniences me. Let it whisper nice things. It should sit by fires surrounded by monsters– some with horns and most with pointy teeth– so that the light licks its face, never revealing the whole.

The return

The return is here and I bring it to you, the mortals.
When last we left, there were angels fighting witches,
aliens also hung out with a mediocre man from Westchester
who did nothing but sit on fences
and talk to people about cars and sports.

I know some of you think good and productive people
talk about cars and sports,
but the truth is,
the very sad truth is,
that some of you are just occupying space better used up
by the best of us
who talk about other things
like the best flavor lollipop.