The Weapon: How St. Michael met defeat

Michael on one knee summoned fire and brimstone from heaven. With it he destroyed cities before human minds imagined the megaton. His eyes glowed two bright lights. Dogs barked in the distance, the diameter of hellrain like a virgin. The surrounding park was quiet and undisturbed. Surrounding birds even chirped as though they knew the fire carried the creator’s assurances. They could fly around the circle undisturbed.

Three sisters gasped from falling sulfur — Emma, Ode, and Everest.

Ode lifted her hand. A blue force field appeared above the three women who looked above them in terror at the overwhelming onslaught. Number four appeared among them as if from nowhere. She had long since discarded her birth name. Hundreds of years have since passed. No one remembered it, but her sisters would refer to her as the weapon.

The secret of names is a lesson kept close by big heads, Enoch, and their few fortunate students. However not everyone is taught formally. There exists the chance that a human, when trained by an angel, has a gift.

But if all gifts come from the almighty, how did the weapon possess powers to defeat an arch angel?

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