I've learned what few dare to learn, 
Who carrying stones will
After old, squeezed of life's juice and binned learn.
I learned what they learn early, what the horse having run breaking a leg sees,
I see it now,
Perched atop a hill who all descend reluctantly, lulled to the conviction they'll die at the precipice,
Surrounded by healthy voices.
Brown is such an underrated color,
Its descent from heaven like manna for me, a premonition, rendering me prophetic from mere observation
Of my father and my grandfather
And mother who still runs up the stairs. She'll die with sword in hand.
My eyes beam the colorful view of the seer,
A crazy ranting man in rags ringing
A cowbell.

Read and you'll peer with me past the fog
Into the place between heaven and earth,
Past the blasted nonsense you do daily
To for once breathe independently,
Asking if you've listened to your will calling,
The will quieted by the impulse for survival
And the care for all you care for.

Have you listened to your will calling
You to move into the sun with a cold glass,
asking you to simply exist
Not for the sake of unknown others?

I live yoked to the movements of humanity,
Watching; its ambition consumes
It to extinction, its perfect predatory nature its own destruction, followers of the teachings of this one and that one,
But I am not special,
You can see too
The false heroes the world has created,
Our plummet into a void.
See with me the end, grab your helmet,
And laugh.
Laugh and enjoy your favorite food.
It's too heavy, carrying all the people,
And its not your job.
Billionaires are out there somewhere
Building spaceships for their children
And your children will behead them
Because they're still full of hope.
And I'll laugh with you.
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