It's much better to sit on grass indifferent,
me and you by the river.
I don't know if we'll ever be allowed that peace
but I pursue it;
For the ultimate freedom
is to be creative unconfined by want of currency.
I must center myself in opposition to whatever drags me
to an eccentric without consent.
I must move truly of my volition and without compulsion
to be human is not to chase and to gather and to eat
to be human is not to be watchful of potential attack
to be human is not to sniff at the air at what's fleeting
to be human's to be a ghost
to lay in the sun with no fear of consequence
to float to the stone streets of distant lands and have coffee
a cigar in your mouth
breathing from eternal lungs.

If you were a spirit, what would it be
or would you exist at all
not having become whoever you would've been?
Is it better to be an adult and do you have enough towels?
Perhaps it's better to kill yourself
that a real person take your place.

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